Goal Oriented Selling Vs Random Converstaion

FREIGHT AGENT TRAININGThe key to effective selling is to approach it as goal oriented selling. You will need a script to begin with and you need to memorize that script. Your goal is to create long term relationships with your customers. To get to that stage, every single word you use has to be professional, and deliberate. Each word has to take you towards your goal so your prospect can get what he/she wants and you can get paid.[spacer height=”20px”]


Making progress and mastering something new is a process, you do not wake up suddenly an expert in the art of being a freight agent or anything else. It take commitment, patients, a learning curve and practice.[spacer height=”20px”]

KEY POINT: You must eliminate your fear of failing. Do not focus on the excuses. There is no embarrassment in struggle. The embarrassment is if you quit or do not try your hardest. [spacer height=”20px”]

The only way to get what you want is to know exactly where you are, precisely where you want to go and how you are going to get there.[spacer height=”20px”]

It is easy to create reasons why you are failing, blame the market, your leads, and not make telephone calls but you have to be honest with yourself. [spacer height=”20px”]

You are not picking up the phone for your health, you are there for one reason, to close the sale and get the loads.[spacer height=”20px”]

You must know how many effective phone calls you are making a day. There are three kinds of calls that will occur everyday:[spacer height=”20px”]

Dials: You dial but you do not get through to the key shipping decision maker. Set your target to make above 50 dials every day. [spacer height=”20px”]

Connects: When you get through to the shipping decision maker but he/she does not have time for you, so you get his/her email address and begin your journey to create rapport. Set your target to get +3 email addresses per day.[spacer height=”20px”]

Instant rapport: You get through to the key shipping decision maker, gives you the time to ask your questions to get to know their business better and he/she likes you enough to give you a chance. Now you have to prove yourself.

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We all have buying obstacles, which are  limiting beliefs we have about buying and making decisions. They hold us back from taking action. The job of the Freight Agent is to help their prospect overcome these obstacles so they take action in the direction that serves them most.

Persuasion is achieved by the speaker’s personal character when the speech is so spoken as to make us think him credible. Aristotle.

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