Working Through The Coronavirus Update

At AMI we continue to closely monitor developments and the global impact with respect to the coronavirus (COVID-19).The health and safety of our Team Members is of utmost importance to us and we are working very hard to ensure there are no disruptions in our level of service to our customers, and our carriers, we pray that you and your families are safe.


We have ensured our team members have the necessary capabilities to work remotely with and access to all technology required to perform their jobs and services to meet their customers’ requirements.


Previously during bad weather conditions or other emergencies, we successfully supported our customers and carriers with full front end and back office teams working remotely and this is no different.We have increased cleaning of our work spaces, and travel precautions have been put into place for all our team members to ensure their safety and as we continue to monitor updates from government agencies and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


AMI is prepared to help you navigate potential shipping disruptions due to COVID-19 through our business capabilities. 


We will continue to monitor the impact to the industry and keep you updated and distribute information via email and social media.Our customers, carriers, and team members’ health, safety, and businesses are at the forefront of our concerns and we will do everything possible to deliver a best possible service through these times and any potential disruptions.



You can send us your load information and we’ll work together to take care of it for you. Our Prayers Are With You And Your Family.