Freight volumes continued strong.


Traditionally July is a much softer month in freight volumes and spot rates, however this has not been the case this year. The average long haul spot rate has continued to push higher even after July 4th and there is continued uncertainty of when freight volumes will flatten.


There are a number of fundamentals:


  • Freight volumes are stronger than the March market when the panic buying took place.
  • One of the most expensive areas right now is also southern California with greater incoming of finished goods due to increased online shopping.
  • We had a very suppressed April, and then we have had three months of continued increase in volumes and rates.
  • We see further increase of contract shippers looking to the spot market to meet capacity.

This quarter has been challenging for shippers and carriers. We have seen supply chain dislocation and a new challenge to reorganize for both shippers and carriers. With managing where traditional demand was higher or lower, large shippers who would normally be working with the contract market have had to turn to the spot market to meet capacity requirements, as contracted volumes were up and at the same time truck load volumes up. 


So the range has been a mix of contracts and spot volumes that have been in a balance to compete.


Freight Volume


The largest markets such as North California, Mexico (Gulf Coast), Southern Louisiana, up state NY, Maine, New Hampshire all showed upward rates.


Dry Van is out performing Reefer right now with what we think is due to higher grocery volume / demand as most manufacturing and raw materials volumes are still not at a volume that would justify this increase.


We are continuing to see a constant increase in volumes and most carriers are looking at a good quarter ahead.


USA – Mexican Cross Border & Texas


Last week freight volumes continued to increase across Texas and the border to Mexico especially in Houston, Laredo, San Antonio and Austin where very strong with week on week loads to truck ratio increasing causing a very tight market.


We have seen exceptional number of carriers that have gone out of business and perhaps due to the uncertainty of the market and the increase on freight volumes many carriers have still not increased their fleets. This is causing shippers to have to pay higher rates and for equipment to dead head longer distances. 


We expect Mexico cross border truck capacity to remain tight to the end of summer.



Weather Alerts – Monday July 27th 2020


  • Heavy Rainfall/flash flooding is possible for parts of the Rockies, Plains, & Midwest over the next few days,
  • Critical Risk for Fire Weather across portions of northern California and Oregon Monday into Tuesday,
  • Cooling trend in the Plains, becoming hotter in the Northwest, staying hot in the Northeast.

For further information please see source: National Weather Prediction Center 

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