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Can Shipping Companies Reduce Transportation Costs ?

Shipping companies are finding capacity at astronomical shipping rates challenging.

Shipping companies challenges in 2018.

Shipping companies are facing increased freight volumes, a nationwide driver shortage, the ELD mandate, extreme weather, and increased fuel surcharges have combined to create a transportation climate that favors carriers and is tough on shipping companies budgets.
But, the reality is that the current capacity crunch is not going to be a one-off event.

As shipping demand continues to increase, shipping companies need to develop strategies to use now, and in the future, to find capacity, reduce transportation costs, and optimize transportation overall.

Maximizing your logistics opportunity in today’s carrier-centric market isn’t simple. While the largest shippers are able to build high-performance transportation management teams in-house, this is not an effective solution for smaller shippers.

Investing in the procurement and management of the top logistics talent and technology that it takes to be competitive will detract from their core competencies.

Plenty of blogs and news outlets consistently report on the ups and downs of the driver shortage. You can find some of them here:

Does out sourcing work ?

Outsourcing transportation management to an experienced third-party logistics partner (3PL) allows even the smallest shipper to find capacity and reduce transportation costs while achieving increased speed and improved service, without limiting the resources they are able to commit to their core competency.

With hundreds of thousands of 3PL options, how do you pick the right one? 

Look for a partner with significant experience, strong carrier relationships, a transparent approach to communication, and best-in-class technology. You want to leverage your partner’s resources for maximized cost-savings and customer satisfaction. No fly-by-night entity is going to do that for you.
Already working with a 3PL but dissatisfied with the results? Consider switching to a different 3PL such as Ameri Management, Inc. a 3PL partner to access new opportunities.
In this capacity-constrained climate, it’s important to examine all of your options to keep your transportation strategy on track.
The team at Ameri Management, Inc. has over 10 years of combined experience working within the toughest climates to source transportation for their customers. Its not always easy but we keep trying and we do not give up. The priority is to get your shipments from point A to point B on time every time at the most cost effective rates possible.

About Ameri Management, Inc.
AMi specializes in bringing high quality freight broker services to the Transportation and Logistics market.  A dedicated, team with a reputation for excellent customer service is here to assist you and meet your needs. We aim to stay on point with our carriers and specialize in Refrigerated, Dry Van and Flat Bed trailers.


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