After Your First Contact With A Prospect

August 26, 2016

at-271041_640What Do I Do After I Have The Shipping Managers Contact Details?

Once you have made the initial contact with your prospect, follow-up with this email to cement your presence in their mind.

You can take and choose what you feel suits your customers needs best. 

Subject Heading:

XXXX, Are You Getting The Best Freight Prices & Service?
(Change XXXX to your prospect’s first name every time)

XXXX, We Just Spoke About Your Freight And Shipping Requirements?
(Change XXXX to your prospect’s first name every time)

Body Of Email:

(Change XXXX to your prospect’s first name every time)

Good Morning!

You just expressed interest with XXXXXXXXXXXXX (Change XXX to your company’s name every time) to transport Your freight for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. (Change XXX to your prospect’s company every time)

I have included a copy of our packet for your review and a PDF about our company and services.

Click to download: Logistic Dynamics Brochure 

Click to download: Customer Set Up Packet

(e.g. For food companies) I specialize in refrigerated truck loads to carry your perishable freight at specific set temperatures. Monitoring the ongoing temperature of the truck and meeting your load needs is my speciality.

I can organize the transportation of Fresh or Frozen loads.

Here’s a short and simple question:

Do YOU keep your options open to receiving THE BEST
Freight Prices and Service to ship Your XXXXXXXXXXX? (Change XXX to your prospect’s products every time)

Send me the load information for YOUR next Full Or LTL shipments and I’ll get to work for YOU!

Also, Thanks for putting me on Your Email Freight List.

Do YOU want THE BEST in the freight industry working for YOU?

YES? We thought so!

How else may we assist YOU today?

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Ameri Management, Inc. (AMi) provides American businesses with high-quality, reliable, and affordable Freight Broker related services. Regardless of the type of business you run or the kind of products that need to be shipped, AMi has the right carriers for you. Our Freight Broker related services specialize in moving Full Truck Load (FTL), Less Than Truck Load (LTL), and Intermodal freight across all states in North America. Our years in the industry has helped us gain the experience, tools, and the dedicated carrier relationships needed to offer first-class Freight Broker related services.